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Aerial Photography



The genre of aerial photography has numerous sub-genres and purposes itself, from aesthetic to the more practical. Drones can be a very efficient and cost effective method of capturing aerial or elevated imagery up to 400’AGL (Additional CAA exemption req’d >400‘)

Property marketing – Estate Agents and sellers can greatly benefit from aerial photography because the  shape, size, layout and surroundings of a home can be properly showcased. For potential buyers who want to see the home and its property as a whole, aerial photography does the best job of showing true dimension and location. Forget plan drawings and google earth screenshots and give clients what they’re looking for… an aerial shot of the home and all its beauty.

Resorts & Hotels – Aerial shots of resorts and outdoor amenities are perfect for the resort website. One of the first things potential visitors look at when visiting a resorts website is photos; they want to see exactly what they might be paying for. In order to give future guests the most accurate portrayal, upload a beautiful aerial shot of the resort or hotel.

Construction & Industrial – Construction companies can benefit greatly from aerial photography in a few different ways. First of all, if a contractor or client needs to monitor progress of a particular job, an aerial media would best portray the work that has been done. Its is also a great marketing tool for developers and contractors to show to their target market. In the industrial field, survey aside, aerial photography is an ideal way to portray a complete site or plant and location.

The above three examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applications for aerial photography. We conduct the bulk of our Aerial photography work with the excellent Sony Alpha series camera’s. mounted on S900 Hexcopters.  Our Images shot with the large sensor APS-C Mirrorless Alpha camera’s are of sufficient resolution to be blown up to large format prints, even full floor to ceiling prints and billboards.

Residential / Property Marketing

We carry out commissions booked privately or through estate agencies. Our services are not limited to aerial, but include ground photography, (internal and external), videography, virtual tours and 360 interactive panorama’s.


Showcase your business with high impact media. we can provide high quality ground and aerial photography as well as 360 degree interactive images, 3D point cloud Modelling and photomapping.


Large Format Photography/Billboard Signage

(*low resolution for web)

360 media

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