aerial photography moray


aerial photography moray

The Lantern of the North

Elgin Cathedral The Lantern of the North 16th September 2016     Elgin Cathedral is a historic ruin in Elgin, Moray, north-east Scotland. The cathedral—dedicated to the Holy Trinity—was established in 1224 on land

Loch Alsh

Loch Alsh

Loch Alsh is a sea inlet between the isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides and the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. The name is also used to describe the surrounding

aerial photography highlands


We captured aerial images of a wide variety of residential property last year, a little less frequent tend to be residential commissions during the winter months however this recent one

linn falls aberlour

Linn Falls

Linn Falls or Linn or Ruthrie on the Lour Burn near Aberlour.    

Spynie Palace Moray

Spynie Palace

Spynie Palace, also known as Spynie Castle, was the fortified seat of the Bishops of Moray for about 500 years. The founding of the palace dates back to the late

Craigellachie’s Telford Bridge

A wintery scene for the 1st March at the Telford Bridge Craigellachie  

tree plantation ortho mapping

Forestry Orthographic Mapping

Ortho mapping: We were assigned with producing orthomosaic photogrammetry maps of several locations including a 65 acre tree plantation in the Highlands. The complete map consists of 522 images captured

plockton aerial imaging


Plockton is a village in the Highlands of Scotland in the county of Ross and Cromarty with a population of 378. Plockton is a settlement on the shores of Loch

DJI Inspire

Operations within No Fly Zones

Operating in no fly zones: Although in line with the CAP393 Air Navigation Order (UK) it is actually technically not illegal to operate a drone without clearance in controlled airspace

drone survey moray

Site visual documentation/survey

Much of our work over the past five years has involved visual (video or photographic) survey documentation for our clients reference. by many of our clients accounts this results in

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