Utility / Practical Applications

The practical drone applications are as wide ranging and diverse as the human imagination. From agricultural and ecological to construction and industry, the potential for use of drones and the cost saving and safety advantages are fast being realised.

The deployment of UAV’s in advance or indeed in lieu of human intervention can bring a significant benefit in terms of safety and costs. The potential for cost saving in terms of man hours and risk mitigation is significant in many industrial and agricultural scenarios.

We are OPITO certified with combined EU/UK/Norwegian, BOSIET, FOET, EBS, and MIST all current certification required for travel to and working on offshore vessels and platforms within the UK, Norwegian and European oil and gas sector. We have many years experience working within the offshore environment on board all types of rigs and installations and vessels.

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Case Studies

tree plantation ortho mapping

Forestry Orthographic Mapping

Ortho mapping: We were assigned with producing orthomosaic photogrammetry maps of several locations including a 65 acre tree plantation in the Highlands. The complete map consists of 522 images captured

drone survey moray

Site visual documentation/survey

Much of our work over the past five years has involved visual (video or photographic) survey documentation for our clients reference. by many of our clients accounts this results in

Photomosaic Land Mapping

This particular orthomosaic photo-map was for DH Farm mountain bike park, just outside Portsoy in Aberdeenshire. Due to the size of area covered by the mountain bike trail park and

Roof Dilapidation Survey prior to adjacent flood alleviation works

This roof survey assignment seemed peculiar to us at first and we advised the client that this work did not require a drone as all parts of the structure were

Seawater reactor coolant outlet, Torness Power Station

Nuclear Power Station Sea Defence Survey

As a five yearly requirement the sea defences of Torness Nuclear Power Station require a documented aerial survey so trends in general movement can be monitored. the sea defences consist

Distillery Pre-Development Overview and Roof Survey

We were commissioned by a major whisky producer to carry out aerial imagery/survey for illustrative purpose prior to some major development works on site. we were delighted to receive excellent