Drone Moray

About Rotorworx

Rotorworx provide a low level aerial imaging service using small unmanned air vehicles UAV’s, commonly refered to as drones. The aircraft systems are operated from small portable ground control stations using live video feeds and telemetry from the aircraft. Some of our drones can be equipped with a range of camera payloads. The camera’s are mounted on actively stabilized, controllable gimbals. The camera’s are integrated into the UAV control system and key functions are controllable from the ground station.

The equipment is highly portable and quickly moblized. From High Definition aerial video and photography for promoting your business, to surveys or inspection, Rotorworx aims to ultimately provide a bespoke service tailored to a wide range of applications. Operating within a stringent safety regime, with every task risk assessed to mitigate risk to people and property.

We work in partnership with select media production companies to offer full video production packages incorporating aerial and ground filming.

Legal Parameters


Our operations are conducted iaw our CAA approved Operations Manual and iaw CAP 393 Air Navigation Order, to summarize: The flight must not be carried out unless the pilot is satisfied it can be done safely.

The aircraft must be kept within the visual line of sight (500 m horizontally and 400 ft vertically) of the pilot. Operations beyond these distances must be approved by the CAA (the basic premise being for the operator to prove that he/she can do this safely).

Small unmanned aircraft that are being used for surveillance purposes are subject to tighter restrictions with regard to the minimum distances that we can fly near people or properties that are not under our control. If we are required to fly within these minima we will seek approval from any and all concerned parties prior to conducting operations.

We risk assess every sortie and pay due regard to airspace classification, airfield proximity and risk to manned aviation. Where any risk is deemed prevalent, we notify, or request approval from, local air traffic services and/or raise NOTAM’s in respect to drone operation to be carried out.