drone survey moray

Site visual documentation/survey


Much of our work over the past five years has involved visual (video or photographic) survey documentation for our clients reference. by many of our clients accounts this results in a saving in time, travel and hence cost. It is of obvious convenience to be able to refer to an accurate video or photo record of a site or building/s rather than having to make a physical visit to the site.

The first time we were called upon to carry out this type of work was for a major offshore and marine service provider. We mapped their outlying demobilised asset storage yards (‘boneyards’) for the purpose of capturing detailed images for promulgation to numerous company department for asset identification. we basically shot numerous images from low altitude to maintain detail in the images and stitched the component images into a single all over image of each yard with each section labelled and linked to the original high resolution image.

Laterly we have been carrying extensive aerial work for a major whisky distiller on multiple sites, documenting the sites, structures and condition of all inaccessible areas. Thus enabling the site maintenance team to visually reference or ‘virtually visit’ any external part of the sites from the their desks.

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